Want to start improving your fitness?

If you want to get started on improving your fitness after a break in getting enough exercise to achieve your aims, we can help you. Just think would’t it be great to be able to get going in a private and peaceful environment? Where you can work with a friendly expert and get the ideal programme to gradually get you back on track. Safe and secure that you are doing enough but not too much, so you can remain free from injury and keep progressing, step-by-step in the right direction.

Our One-to-One Personal Trainers can help you achieve just that, the right steady progress, in an ideal and purpose designed gym and fitness studio, surrounded by green fields, in Kings Worthy Winchester. Each session designed for you to succeed, make progress and feel better, knowing that session by session, you are heading in the right direction. When for whatever reason you have not had enough time to get the exercise you would like this can be a boost at a sensible pace and level to suit your particular needs. Encouraged by your own friendly expert who’s only concern is your success. A nice gentle way to get moving and mobilised, you will be surprised how quickly you will notice and feel the difference…

Remember fitness is all relative whether 40+, 50+ or 60+ it is about designing and maintaining a plan that is just right for you whatever your age and whatever the reason for the break in between, you can be certain that just choosing to come and have a free consultation will a great and motivating first step in achieving your aims.


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