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Consider Your PT Options

Choose your Personal Training Options. James provides pragmatic, professional and friendly advice. He is is an experienced PT, Coach & Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner. If you are not sure which is right for you, book your Free Consultation and discuss with James at the gym in Kings Worthy Winchester Hampshire UK.

Peak Time Training

Early starts and prime time evenings

Joint Sessions PT

Small groups with like minds
for two to four people

Off-Peak PT

Private Gym PT between 11am to 5pm

40 Minute PT

Designed for flexibility and economy.

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Free 1 to 1 Consultation with James

Training Programmes - Designed to Help You Succeed

Personalised and Bespoke

Everyone is an individual, James makes sure you receive a complete and personalised programme. You will get much more than a meet and greet. This is an opportunity to explore what you want to achieve, your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle and activity levels, the nature of your work, the measures by which to track your success that are specific to your goals.

Proven Track Record, Qualifications and Insurance

Your Coach and PT should be happy to let you see and talk to existing and past clients, have some testimonials and reviews online check out their profile and media, ask for references, successful coaches should not struggle to produce them. A good coach will get a high level of personal referrals and recommendations.

Structured Systematic Plans

Holistic approach with structured, systematic and progressive plans...

App and Technology to Support Your Programme

Online App for IOS iPhone, Android or Windows PC to enable you to access your programme anytime and anywhere, the exercises, examples instructions and points, the sequence and repetitions with updates as and progressions to keep you moving forwards. Just enough information but not too overwhelming and if you want it, access to your individual Nutrition Plan, Online Coaching, Chat and Tips.

Professional, Friendly and Responsive Coaching

Your PT and Coach: meet the PT, make sure you click and have the right rapport. 1-to-1 can be intense so you want to be comfortable and enjoy the process of putting in the work, learning as you progress and knowing you can ask for additional pointers and tips when you are doing work outs away from the gym.

Coaching to Keep you Focussed and Motivated

A Coach provides the opportunity for you to learn and explore; observe and react. The coach will notice changes in your performance, motivation, focus and commitment and will help you make the adjustments to help you overcome plateaus and keep progressing.

A coach invests time to get to know you better, listens much more than the average PT but also gives you frank advice and explanations that mean you know why you are doing a particular exercise as part of your plan and how to get the best out of yourself as well as each training session.

Coaches will work more as partners, consulting changing, learning and deploying the best practices to suit you. The programme will be something to keep improving, tweaking and perfecting.

Coaches may charge a little more, but the value is in the personalised service that is key to their delivery.

Flexible Subscription Plans and Pricing

Options and choices to suit your need, lifestyle and your budget: Peak-Time, Off-Peak, 1-to-1 and Work Out when and where it suits you combos, 40 minute sessions, small shared groups by the hour or in 40 minute slots. Block and Packaged rates to encourage you to commit and stick to your plan.