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Achieve Weight Loss

Help to achieve sustainable weight loss. Setting realistic and progressive goals. Providing the tools to manage and track your progress and the coaching to help you along the way.

Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss

"Achieving sustainable weight loss, reaching your goals and then maintaining the weight you have achieved is not rocket science but it does require commitment, hard work, the right knowledge and tools and is often easier with some professional advice and support."

Many clients seek help from their personal trainer to increase their exercise with a view to shaping-up, toning their body and often seeking to achieve a leaner, fitter version of their self. Where we can help is providing you, with the tools, plan, environment and supportive coaching to help you get there, not just for the short term but also for the longer term.

Here are a first few pointers, take a look at our Nutrition page as well.



James Kerby PT Coach and Clcinical Weight-Loss PractitionerMeet James at the Viridian Gym at Woodhams Farm, 10 minutes from Winchester. Discuss your goals, options, likes and dislikes and enjoy a FREE 1 Hour Consultation.

How to set yourself on the right path?

Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss


Actions Speak Louder than Words

Make a Plan, Write Down Your Goals: You increase your chance of success by as much as 30% by doing so.

Track and Measure Progress

Know where you are against your goals in progressive steps: keep track and boost your chance of success by 60%.

Keep a Food Journal

Understanding what when, how often and why you eat and see how you can re-educate your eating , still enjoy your food without the guilt-trip. Help your trainer understand how to shape your programme and Nutrition Plan. No point cheating yourself if you want to succeed.

Slow Burning Fuel (Slow Carbs = Low GI)

Low GI (Glycemic Index ) complex Carbs (often with high fibre content) take longer to process and mean you do not start craving food or calories as quickly. Low GI Meals and Food are good and healthy...

Keep it Lean

Trim the Fat, Low-Fat options and more carbs and lean protein: Choose healthier 'unsaturated fats'. Fat just converts 100% to Fat. Carbs and lean protein first convert to fuel, glycogen storage and tissue repair. Find out more Subscribe to Fit for Life, Take a look at Nutrition

High Fibre and Water Foods Help

Less Calories and More Filling Foods: fruits, vegetables, pulses, beans and whole grains are high in fibre and water absorbing. Replace Starchy foods Rice Pasta, Potatoes with Vegetables and Pulses.

Must Have Healthy Fats

Essential Fatty Acids are a MUST HAVE! In particular Omega 3 and Omega 6, aid hormone production, build cell walls, give our skin a healthy glow, help us take-in fat-soluble vitamins. Healthy fats should never be lower than 15% of your Nutrition and generally even when wanting to lose weight more like 20% of our intake. Choose wisely. Find out More here Nutrition. Keep track of your Macronutrients and your calories.