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James listened to exactly what my requirements were…

I had heard good things about James from another client, always a good sign! I arranged a taster PT session with him and I was impressed. In 40ish minutes he convinced me enough I took a gamble and booked 36 sessions. I had a big goal to meet. I’m happy to say the gamble has paid-off.  I found James listened to exactly what my requirements were e.g. lots of variation and no set targets. 

Each session has been different and James always makes the effort to explain what we are doing, why and how to do it correctly. I have been lucky with past PT trainers who were all very qualified/trained and had a large ensemble of equipment to work with.  Even before Viridian and his new gym when working in a compact space James got the most out of our sessions; even during peak hours which was something I was concerned about.

I have really enjoyed the pad work we have been doing, which again demonstrates the variety. The most important feedback is that James does not refrain from pushing for more or isn’t afraid to ‘step in’ and help motivate those last few reps; this is very important to me. I feel let down if I don’t ache for 2 days after a session.

If the opportunity arises I will happily recommend James to others.




Whatever your aims and aspirations we can find a realistic path to achieving them. Find out how meeting and talking to James, visiting Viridian and then taking up his offer of a taster session can help you get your fitness plan on track. Taking the first step can be a little daunting that is why James would like to give the chance to come down to the gym, get a taste for how this can work for you, to get the right personal training for you and so that you can then decide what is just right for you.

Amanda Moore INW

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