Helping Me Tone-Up and Lose Weight before My Big Day

“James has shown me a greater variety of exercises that I can do in the gym and he is extremely motivating and encouraging. I am getting married and decided I needed some help to tone-up and lose some weight before my wedding and the Big Day.

I have had 9 Personal Training Sessions with James so far and together with healthy eating I have lost 1/2 stone and started to tone-up. James has also advised me on exercises I can do at home and around our sessions including advice on healthy eating. I am definitely seeing an improvement in my fitness and strength and really enjoying my fitness sessions and will be signing up for some more… ”


Many client’s want to tackle weight control as part of their exercise regime, whether for a major life event, such as a Wedding or after having a baby or reaching landmark birthday.

The art of success in your personal training is to be focused on improving overall health, tone, and strength making your body more able to progress towards your ultimate goals. Strength, tone, endurance they can all be ingredients in helping you shift the weight you want to lose. Good nutrition and healthy eating with your training makes even more difference and will help you attain your targets even faster. But the important thing is to use the advice and personal training sessions to not only improve your fitness and health for the short term but as part of your lifestyle going forwards.

If you would like to discuss how James can help you reach your personal goals and take the first steps towards them, why not just make an appointment come along , meet James visit Viridian and have a chat, once you are comfortable that he can help then you can always take the next step and try a taster session or take-up our Introductory offer. In just 12 sessions think about what you can achieve and how just coming and having a chat is an easy way to start to get your fitness plan on track. Once you get started you will soon see the benefits.

Rest assured your programme and sessions will be designed for you personally, no forced pace, no need to keep-up and compete, James will work with you at just the right pace and intensity to suit you, not everyone else. Nobody leaves our gym not feeling better for their session, so why not give us a try.




Amanda Moore INW

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