James Kerby’s Personalised and Intuitive Approach

“One of the most intuitive non-teacher teachers I’ve encountered for a good few years…

…He’s a trained sports coach not a classroom teacher yet he does what he does naturally, effectively and with the confidence of a guy who knows how to help you.”

Professional Education Consultant and Trainer Mike FleethamMike Fleetham is a Professional Education Consultant and Trainer, who chooses to train with James

He travels a lot and has to fit his personal training into his busy lifestyle. Inevitably his work means he is acutely aware of what it takes to teach and commented in an article on his website  about ‘The Role of the Coach’  on why he finds working with James effective, productive and worthwhile.

Mike is a busy professional, with no time to waste, he needs to achieve results and make every session count

Mike is a professional and specialist teacher and trainer in his own right. He doesn’t have time to waste and spends his professional life helping others improve their ability to teach and enhance their training skills. Mike knows and values the difference in the training he receives from James. He cites his personalised and intuitive teaching style and how he is a good listener; important qualities in an effective coach. Working with James, Mike says packs-in the benefits to each and every training session to make sure it is productive, effective, helpful and worthwhile.

The relationship with your coach and trainer has to work for you so why not come and meet James at Viridian: 

If you would like to try out James’s approach to personal training style,  then Visit James at Viridian, and take-up his offer of a Free Consultation,. In just over an hour you can then judge and find-out for yourself how James can listen to what you want, help you assess the best way to achieve your desired outcomes and help you progress towards your specific and personal goals.

You can then judge for yourself, whether Jamese’s personalised and intuitive approach is just right for you. Come along, have a chat, get the benefit of some friendly and expert advice and take that important next step.

Amanda Moore INW