Want to Shape-Up and Lose Weight?

We all want to lose weight at some point in our lives and to make a long-term change that lasts takes some commitment…

It has to be a combination of healthy living and eating and we find that a private and personal approach is really needed here. Most of us want to ask questions and find the right help but not everyone wants to be exposed to A1, already fit classmates in skinny leotards and all that goes with that. We can help you with your own personal and private programme designed specifically for you!

Remember perceptions about body shape and weight are all relative

The thinnest person can still feel they want to lose a few pounds. Different shapes, personalities and lifestyles all need a different mix of what will work for them as an individual. Whatever your age, current fitness or weight, there is a way to make progress and start losing those pounds. The right Personal Trainer and a friendly but effective approach can really help get you started, get the momentum going and then sustain and vary the programme as you progress. The feel good factor should not be under-estimated. With the right programme you will never feel worse for going to the gym and doing a session. But you need the right advice. You need a programme that changes and adapts to what is best for you. In the real world we’re not all suited to army style bootcamps!

If you want to lose weight think about coming along and having a chat

James and his exclusive gym at Viridian can help, find out how with a Free Consultation. Come along and have a chat with James to see how you get on and discuss what you can achieve. It is so different with the one-to-one help, encouragement and friendly expertise. Go on and give it a try, book a free appointment, come and see us and find out how we can help

Amanda Moore INW