How Quickly can I get Results from Personal Training?

How many times do I get asked this question? Answer: countless times, it would be easy to get your Sign-Up by sweet talking you  with unrealistic sales speak but telling you what the wrong answer just because it is what you might initially want to here is not our style.  It will only lead to false expectations. But I can give you a few pointers and discuss your specifics when we meet for your first Free Consultation.

The old saying  ‘You get out of life what you put in’ springs to mind and it is certainly applicable to both Weight Loss and Personal Fitness. But if you put in the graft and work to the plan we agree you will begin to see results within 6 -8 weeks and even more tangibly within 3 months (12 weeks.)

BUT STICK TO THE PLAN and PUT IN THE GRAFT/HARD WORK is key here! If you can kick start with realistics first phase steps and commit to both Physical and appropriate exercise and activity and a customised nutrition plan that reduces your inputs and increases your outputs then, no surprise you will get results.

But here come the BUTS:

  • you need to be honest with yourself and your PT, Coach and Advanced Weight Loss Advisor
  • there is no magic formula
  • get expert guidance on what will work for you and refine the plan with realistic stepping stones and achievable goals.
  • you need to focus not on activity or nutrition but both and you will need to be able to quantify, measure and track progress.
  • Think of it like return on investment, don’t waste your time, effort and money by fooling yourself and always work with a qualified expert, who can advise you, help you track and review your progress and ensuring you make yourself accountable to your personal fitness and nutrition programme
  • You need consistency and then phased progressions as you achieve the stepping stones towards achieving you overall goal.
  • Everyone is an individual, that is why a good trainer designs a unique programme for each client.
  • If you only want to train One-to-One once a week you need to realise that 1 session of activity is unlikely to be enough, you will need to supplement your Gym sessions with planned but own workouts either at home, or at a Gym or Fitness Centre near your home or work place.
  • Depending your activity levels, current fitness, life-style and a number of key measurements not just weight we can then plan a level of activity and intensity that is designed to stretch your fitness enough but again be realistic and sustainable, stepping up as you progress.
  • Make sure your trainer is someone you can relate to who is not only expert but is more interested in you and achieving your goals than demonstrating their own prowess or physique.
  • You will need to maintain your health and fitness and weight even when you have achieved your great goal, so let’s set the right expectation from the outset. This is not a miracle cure, it is going to need expert advice, coaching and training in how to be Fit for the Life you want to lead. This will enable you to achieve a sustainable improvement in your health and fitness and it has really got to be designed for you as a unique individual.
  • Classes and small groups are great as part of that regime but in groups it is harder to personalise the programme, listen to your individual needs and to shape the right programme for you.
  • But we can help you with the initial Free Consultation start to see why this is so important and how we can support you inside the gym, working one -to-one and doing your programme for multiple activities and to maintain your nutrition plan when we meet face to face and day-to-day throughout each week using our online App.



In 10 years plus of working with clients, I Know we get the best results by tailoring programmes to individual needs and that not everyone can manage 2-3 sessions a week working with me in the gym. That is why I now have the App and ability to support you remotely and online with two-way communication and tracking of your progress and programme against your progressions towards your ultimate goal.

It does not matter what level of fitness you have at the moment, our job is to help you progress and take the first steps, to adjust your exercise and lifestyle so you can live the life you want to lead, safely and securely. This is why the Free Consultation works well for all our clients, you can at no risk or cost come and meet me directly, see how I work and whether my approach and style which is one of coach and partner to help you achieve your goals suits you. Everything is confidential, we want to help you plan and take the right positive actions, the sessions are about you not us. The style is consultative and from the approach of being your coach not just a programme setter, working with realistic steps and timeframes to achieve your overall goals.

You can get started on this road to achieving your goals for as little as £60 a month including a once a month personal one-to-one gym session with me and then using your programme and tracking with our App work remotely to your Programme for Exercise, Stretching, Flexibility and Sleep. If you are going to work hard to achieve these goals then never underestimate the importance in a holistic programme of Stretching Flexibility and Sleep for everyone that part is universal!

But more of that later!


James Kerby