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40 minute Personal Training Sessions or a full hour?

40 Minutes or a full 1 hour session, how vital is the 20 minutes extra and which is right for you? First and foremost, focus on what is right for you!  The reason for offering these options is to provide the plan and programme to suit you best. We can discuss your specific needs when we meet for your Free Introductory Consultation but it is worth considering these pointers when starting to plan your training. But whichever you choose most important is making a start, getting moving towards achieving your goals and taking action now.

40 Minutes can work well if you find the idea of starting starting a diet and exercise routine, a little daunting or have difficulty finding a full hour for your sessions. Start with 40 minutes see how it works for you, we can review as you progress and you can switch plans if needed.

If you are struggling for time 40 minutes can be a great way to start but be realistic as you will need to supplement  a weekly session with additional workouts and exercises which we can recommend and you can work to using our Viridian Online App with your own personal Exercise, Stretching and Flexibility sessions as part of your plan.

Ready for full 1 hour 60 minute sessions? Alternatively, If you like the gym and working with me one-to-one and want to start with a full hours session then that is great too, it just depends on what is right for you. I would especially encourage people to do 1 hour sessions if your goal is short term for a landmark event such as a wedding, a holiday, significant birthday etc. But again it is not enough to do one session a week you will need to most likely supplement with additional workouts and your personal plan on our Online App available for iPhone, Android and PC.

The key is to make a decision you feel comfortable with and get started whilst you feel motivated to act, this may sound too simplistic, but with the enthusiasm of joining a Gym often in January after Xmas and New Year, it is a sad fact that many have quit by February or  March. The most important step is to start and commit to realistic goals and plans where you can track tangible results.

Change and progress can happen quite quickly within 4-6 weeks, if you get the right programme and commit to the work and discipline needed to stick to the plan.  So don’t get hung-up on 40 minutes or an hour, and don’t over commit if 40 minutes is more realistic for you then fine but do get started! 

Viridian PT & Nutrition App – Structured Online Plans -Designed for Your Success

We recognise that to achieve your goals you might want the best of both worlds, one-to-one sessions are great motivators to get you powering into your programme  but as you start making progress, get into discipline of working with your Personal Plan and our Online App then you can also enjoy the best of both worlds. We want to make this work, deliver results and designed to suit your budget.

To do that choose 40 minutes or 1 hour whichever is most comfortable for you, be prepared to use our App and supplement your sessions with Home /Remote workouts, stretching and flexibility sessions.

Your Budget and Affordability

When you take-up your Free Consultation, we can discuss all the options to meet your goals and design your plan to suit your needs including your budget. Change and progress will start happening within 4-6 weeks if you put in the work one-to-one and working during the time between your sessions, guided by your personal plan and programme using the Viridian App then you might be surprised how affordable our plans can be.

Our plans can change and progress as your needs change, so you can always get a solution to meet your needs. We make this even more affordable with the benefits of our One-to-one Sessions, programmes and Online App, blocks of sessions also provide you with the best rates.

The longer you commit the more affordable your plan can be and because we know it works best over the longer term the best block rates are available for our hourly plans.  Want to find out more, then Book your Free Consultation here

Key Takeaways choosing 40 Minutes or 1 Hour Sessions

It has to be right for you, shorter sessions might be good, if your schedule is pushed and getting started is a bit daunting, you can always extend to 1 hour sessions later. You should expect that 1 session a  week will not be enough  to make sustained progress, you will need to supplement with additional structured sessions which you can manage and retain the tracking of progress using our Online App. Working remotely on your exercise workouts, stretching and flexibility will accelerate your success and maximise the return for your spend. We can maintain the coaching and tracking using the App loaded with your personal programme and plan. This can also help you manage your Nutrition Plan as well, but more of that later.

Take action, get started, be comfortable with the session duration and frequency you choose, informed by your Free Consultation, these notes and know that as soon as you sign-up and get started you have taken that vital first step…


James Kerby