Come along and meet your Personal Trainer at Viridian, Try us Out and Find out for Yourself How We Can Help You

To work together to pursue your health and fitness goals is a very personal thing, there has got to be the right connection between you and your trainer.

You need to be confident they know not only, what they are doing but also that you will get along and feel comfortable working with them. when you get to meet you can then judge for yourself, our approach and how our friendly expertise can help you get your fitness plan on track.

We can just discuss your goals and aspirations, show you around or help you assess your current fitness and how we might help you to progress along a programme of improvement. The main thing is to take-up this opportunity to see if we can help.

Our clients find this is by far the best way to find out and know where, what and whom they will be getting before they decide to commit their precious time effort and money to taking the next step.

To help you make the choices that are right for you, we offer the chance to come along and see for yourself, at no cost so you can talk one-to-one and work-out what works best for you.

You can book your free consultation right now with just a few details, we can fix an appointment and show you first-hand what we have to offer. Sounds like a good idea? All you have to do is enter your basic details and we will be back in contact to fix the time and date!




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